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Childrens Dentistry

Monica Wilson has over 20 years of experience in children’s dentistry. She has undergone an extra 3 years of training and has a BUOLD Diploma from Bristol University in Paediatric (children’s) dentistry and is dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through to teenage years.

The very young, pre-teens, and teenagers all need different approaches in dealing with their behaviour, guiding their dental growth and development, and helping them avoid future dental problems.

Monica and her team work in partnership with parents and their children by helping them to make healthy choices and to have a positive and beneficial experience when visiting the dental surgery.

What we offer

  • Preventative oral health programme to minimise the risk of tooth decay.
  • Complete restorative care for children and adolescents.
  • “Happy Air” also called RA sedation (Relative Analgesia) to enable anxious child patients to deal with treatments that they would otherwise find to difficult.
  • “Dental Wand” which is a state of the art technology numbing just the area being treated without the use of conventional needles.
  • Management of dental accidents in milk teeth or adult teeth.
  • Dental care for children with extra or special needs.
  • Sports mouth guards to help protect your child's teeth.
  • Orthodontic service providing both advice and treatment.
  • Children's Clubs.

For further details:

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