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Loss of a tooth or teeth can be terribly upsetting and the more traditional methods of replacement can be less than satisfactory for many patients. Dentures can be uncomfortable, unretentive and consequently embarrassing! Bridges often rely upon the fairly extensive cutting of other, often healthy, teeth.

We now have the opportunity for many patients to avoid either of these treatment alternatives and offer a fixed restoration that can last for many years and often for life. Implants are essentially precision metal screws made of pure titanium that are placed within the jaw bone and then used to support crowns, bridges or dentures. It is therefore possible to offer solutions for patients with a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or all missing teeth.

Placement of implants is usually carried out under local anaesthetic in just the same way as for fillings, but once the implants are in place, fixing restorations to them hardly ever needs anaesthetic again – just another advantage over alternatives!

Sometimes, it is necessary to wait for healing before implant treatment can proceed and treatment times can often be longer than alternative treatments. The advantages in the longer term however, are often enormous and implant patients enjoy an increase in self-confidence that can be life-changing.

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