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Sometimes the muscles that move the jaw are stimulated to work too hard. If they are, the muscles get tired and can go into spasm.

One of the symptoms can be headaches especially first thing in the morning. (If one is clenching ones jaw together when asleep). Or in the evening if the day has been stressful.

The cause of excess muscle function may be that the upper and lower teeth or jaws do not relate correctly, (patients are often unaware because it is what they are used to). This can lead to jaw joint problems including limited movement of the jaw- clicking – pop in the joint or pain.

This is called Cranio Mandibular Disorder.

Treatments Available

James Cooil has had many years of treating these sorts of problems.

The usual methods used within the dental practice will involve the construction of plastic splints. These are often like a small, hard gum shield that allows the jaws to relate so the muscles will relax or to correct the position of the jaw.

A new appliance called NTI-TSS can also be very effective. If the initial splint therapy is successful the teeth may need adjusting or missing teeth may need replacing.