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Root Canal Treatment

If you have an abscess or tooth ache you may think that the tooth will have to be extracted, but with modern techniques your tooth could be saved by a root filling. Whilst this procedure can often take quite a long time; it is not unpleasant. Bacteria enter the nerve (or pulp) inside the tooth which causes the pain or abscess.

To root fill the tooth; the inside of the tooth is cleaned out and sterilised and then sealed. We use an operating microscope which allows even the smallest areas to be sterilised.

Photo Activated Disinfectant is a very new method to be more certain all the bacteria are killed. This uses a chemical which kills the bacteria when a specific powerful LED light is used on it.

The roots are sealed with either ‘Resilon’ which bonds to the root to give a seal or ‘Smart Seal’ which expands slightly in the presence of moisture to form a good seal.